DEVIA UV Steriliser

DEVIA UV Steriliser

DEVIA UV Steriliser

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The powerful Devia UV Steriliser will clean bacteria and germs from your favourite possessions including phones, keys and jewellery.

The essential UV cleaning device has now arrived for immediate delivery..

- Kills up to 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria in the disinfection box with our specially designed UV Wavelength 360° Disinfection process

- Two Option Modes for Disinfection - 18 minutes (96% disinfection rate) or 30 minutes (99.9% disinfection rate)

- Optional Feature - add Aroma oil inside the box to make your personal possessions smell great!

- Be able to sterilise absolutely anything: mobile phones, watches, masks, jewellery, make up brushes, keys, & glasses etc...

- Compliant Qi Charging of up to 10W - Smart Wireless Charging - 5W, 7.5W & 10W

- CE & RoHS Certified - Lab Reports for Disinfection available upon request

- Internal Size - 190 x 104 x 26mm


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